False Christian Persecution

False Christian Persecution.
Christians who feel persecuted by the government have only themselves to blame.
Those Christians are willingly giving themselves to this world system by accepting the authority of the government mainly through pride and patriotism in the nation they are living in.
They give a portion of their labour to the government, they pledge their allegiance to the flag of that government, which is a form of worship, they support, condone, and sometimes join the brutal forces of that government; police and military, and use violence and force and intimidation, to oppress, imprison, or murder other people, at the command of those in power, and they partake in an immoral and cruel economic system called capitalism, that benefits a very small percent of the population, while causing misery, suffering, and extreme poverty to over half of the world’s population.
The lesson for all believers in Jesus Christ is:
Do not put yourself in a position to be controlled or oppressed by the worldly authorities; governments, corporations, banks, religious organizations (Ceasar), by accumulating wealth, possessions, status, and power, because the worldly powers will always demand and receive their “tithe”; taxes and other fees, from every Ceasar coin you chase after.
Jesus said ” Render into Ceasar the things that belong to Ceasar, and render unto The Lord (Jesus Christ) the things that belong to The Lord Jesus Christ.
Jesus was not telling us to pay taxes when He said this, but simply, if you seek worldly possessions, you will be under the authority of worldly powers, ruled by Satan, who Jesus said was the temporary god of this world until Jesus comes back to take back His planet and set up His Kingdom, and you will be forced to give these powers a percent of your worldly gains.
Jesus teaches us to “store up your treasures in Heaven” (where no one can take them from you), “for where you treasure is is where you heart is too.”
Jesus teaches us to worship Him in spirit and in truth, and tithe to Him by spending your Ceasar coins on helping the poor and needy and giving the Good News Gospel of Salvation from Jesus Christ through Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ alone.
Jesus also said it would be very hard for a rich man to enter His Kingdom, and when a rich man asks Jesus how to enter His Kingdom, Jesus said “Sell everything you have, give that money to the poor, then, come and follow me.”
All Christians who truly follow Jesus Christ should remove themselves from as many worldly controls as possible.
Stop using banks, maybe join a local credit union or even pay your bills with non bank checks like western union or travelers checks.
If you are spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, as all Christians are commanded to do, and you feel called to lead other Christians, start a home church that collects no money, and needs no tithes to operate, just preach and teach the Word of God; Jesus Christ is the Word.
Most importantly, do not apply for 503-C tax exempt status from the government (Ceasar), for that is how they take authority over you and control what and how you preach the Word.
Finally, stop making money with anything to do with Jesus Christ and His message of Salvation.
If you write, speak about, or make movies or brodcast about Jesus Christ and His plan to redeem and save each and every one of His created children, do it for free, give it away.
Do not sell your books or movies, do not charge money to speak, do not accept any money from anybody, only then will you be free from the clutches of this world system.
Incourage all people to “pay it forward”, to find those in need and personally help them, for they are everywhere, all around us.
Read Matthew, chapter 25, where Jesus warns His children about the coming judgement, when He commands us all to help all others who are poor and needy (warning: not the capitalism system that you have been programmed to accept.)
Instead of using Ceasar’s money, try bartering and paying favors for favors, or just do things and give things away, for free.
Jesus will find a way to make it happen.
Jesus said “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things will be added to you.”
If you call yourself a Christian, then you are a follower of Jesus Christ, and by definition, you are bound to obey His commands and teachings, and the only way to follow, obey, and do, what Jesus commands, is to learn them by reading them in the New Testament Bible.
If this is too much for you, stop calling yourself a Christian, because you are not one.
Start by reading Matthew chapter 25:31-46
When you help those in need, you are really helping Jesus, when you don’t help them, you are rejecting them, and rejecting Jesus.
This is not a suggestion or some kind of “extra credit” for Christians, this is a command from our Lord God and Saviour; Jesus Christ.
Here are the Teachings of Jesus Christ:
The Sermon on the Mount
The Golden Rule
The Two Commandments
Do to the Least of my Brothers
In the beautiful and mighty name of Christ Jesus, I pray; Amen, Hallelujah, Peace, and Maranatha.



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