Halloween – Pagan Holidays for Christians?

Good Memories Vs. Good Ways

Before I gave my life to Jesus Christ, and became a Kingdom Citizen, I was a worldly citizen.

I took part in, and believed in, worldly ways, and traditions. 

Some were pagan, some were just foolish, immature, and not for the Glory of our Lord God, Jesus Christ.

The three biggest and best worldly traditions that compose my best memories, childhood and adult, are Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.

I still get a powerful and wonderful feeling whenever I think back to these times, like a type of time travel.

As a child, my parents created so many wonderful memories around Halloween, Christmas, and Easter, and as a parent, I tried to do the same for my children.

After giving my life to Jesus over 14 years ago, I began a new journey, on a different path, a journey that Jesus had planned for me from the beginning, and a path the Jesus shows me and travels with me.

Jesus teaches me, through His Holy Spirit, as I pray and read His Word daily, and I submit to His Will often.

When I first believed and started out on my journey, I was like an infant, sipping milk, and my knowledge in Christ was small.

As I grew as a Christian, feeding on the Word of God, my understanding of the ways and teachings of Jesus increased, and I was like a young child, able to eat bread.

Now, after 14 years, I am much more mature in my faith, having learned so much from Jesus through hearing His Word, I am a grown man in the Spirit, able to eat the meat of the Word.

My understanding and application of the Word of God and the Will of The Lord is so much greater than when I first believed on the Lord Jesus Christ.

My personal spiritual battle is this: 

How can I condone, endorse, or promote the three biggest pagan holidays, Halloween, Christmas, and Easter, that millions of Christians around the world falsely believe are Christian holidays, that I now know are pagan holidays?

How do I teach other Christians not to partake in these pagan holidays that bring so much joy and lasting memories for them and their children?

How do I justify my past activities in these pagan holidays, and relive the fond memories that I have, while telling others that the Lord forbids His children to partake in these traditions, and not be a hypocrite?

I have asked for forgiveness, repented, and I am trying to live a lifestyle that is pleasing to the Lord God Jesus Christ, one that is separate from worldly, pagan ways.

I continue to pray and seek the Lord’s will and guidance, and try not to judge other Christians who still partake in these pagan holidays.

My journey continues…


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